At this moment, there are three evaluators all based in the north of Europe: John Rhyder in the UK, Joscha Grolms in Germany and René Nauta in Holland.
On this page these three European evaluators introduce themselves.


John is a naturalist, woodsman, certified wildlife tracker and writer, he is both founder and Head Instructor at Woodcraft School.

He has been teaching since 1994 and has made this a full-time career since then. He is a naturalist and is certified through CyberTracker wildlife tracking accreditation as Senior tracker. John is also qualified as a track and sign evaluator one of only three people in Northern Europe who can assess the CyberTracker system in this region. Additionally he is currently training to become a trailing evaluator.  To expand his knowledge John has also been certificated in Germany, Holland and Spain. He is a qualified arborist and also holds a University certificate in Species Identification and Biological Recording specialising in mammals, reptiles, bats, fungi and woodland plants and trees. John is the originator of the first accredited bushcraft and related programmes in the UK. He has written many articles for various publications and continues to explore projects in this genre as well as books. John has also been lucky enough travel widely and has studied and led bushcraft, tracking and wildlife tours in Romania, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Iberia, Africa, the USA and Poland.

email info@woodcraftschool.co.uk


Joscha Grolms began studying the tracks and signs of European mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in 2003.

He is the founder of Germanys well known “Tracking Intensive”, a yearlong tracking internship with remarkable results. Joscha became Germanys first Track & Sign Evaluator for CyberTracker Conservation and is the director of the wildlife tracking department at Wildniswissen.

He trains and certifies biologists as well as the general public in Northern Europe and works as a full-time professional since 2005.





René Nauta has been a passionate tracker for many decades. Together with his partner Beke Olbers they run their company, ‘EXTRA Bushcraft’, founded in 1997. Since that time, wildlife tracking has been a primary component of its course contents.
Besides courses in Holland they also offer expeditions to wilderness areas like the Kalahari (in coorporation with Bushmen), the Carpathians, Rocky Moutains, Belarus, etc.

In 2012 he was invited to join the first CyberTracker Evaluation in the Lake District, England, and was hooked from then on. He was awarded his Specialist certification in 2014 and began his journey to become a T&S Evaluator, alongside John Rhyder and Joscha Grolms.

In March 2018 he received Evaluatorship and now conducts evaluations in Holland and Belgium, and more trainings across Europe are on the horizon. 

In May 2019 he published an elaborate field guide (‘Het Prentenboek’) with his co-author, Aaldrik Pot. The book is a unique and comprehensive presentation of the tracks of mammals, birds, amfibians, reptiles and invertebrates across northwestern Europe.

Vledder, Holland.



Instagram: rene.nauta

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